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  • New and revolutionary!

  • Works with tablets

  • Easy and effective

  • Automatic dispensing

  • Tablets for all needs

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SprayWash is ideal for daily cleaning of shower blocks

About SprayWash

SprayWash is an unique and revolutionary system for cleaning, disinfection and odor control. SprayWash can be used in many cleaning areas such as shower rooms, rest rooms, agriculture, fish industry, food industry, commercial kitchens, boarding kennels, veterinary stations, stables and hospitals.

SprayWash works with specially designed and produced SprayWash tablets for multiple uses. The tablet range includes cleaning tablets for different cleaning needs, with and without perfume. For disinfection needs we offer very effective and approved tablets such as ChlorTab and DesTab.

SprayWash can be used all places and all surfaces that can withstand water and where there is a need for cleaning, disinfection and odor control. SprayWash is a highly professional cleaning system for the professional cleaning industry.