Successful launch in Sweden

SprayWash was presented for the first time in Sweden in week 46 at a cleaning show in Malmo. During the two days we had a fantastic show with many interested in our new cleaning system.

Thanks – and looking forward to show SprayWash to all the interested people from the cleaning show in Malmo.

Messe Malmo

Press release

Taking Cleaning to the next level SprayWash is set to revolutionize the cleaning industry. The brand new SprayWash cleaning system offers many benefits for all professional areas where there is a need for cleaning, disinfection and odor control. It has never been easier to clean!

SprayWash works with special tablets developed and designed for the SprayWash system. The tablets are easily placed in the system which then delivers the right concentration of either the detergent or “killing power” from the disinfection tablets. There is no risk of over/under dosing – the system works automatically when adding water via a water hose.

Working with tablets also means cutting down shipping costs, a benefit for the economy, as well as being a far better “green way” of transporting the chemicals needed for cleaning.

The whole SprayWash concept includes color coded tablet containers, tablet kits and equipment – all a benefit for the worker using SprayWash for the cleaning.

SprayWash is sold through distributors in many European countries and will have its first International launch on ISSA / Interclean in May 2016 in Amsterdam.