SprayWash in stables

SprayWash is a new and revolutionary product for cleaning and disinfection of stables and horse equipment. SprayWash is the most complete, effective and simple system available!

  • The most easy and simple system

  • Save working time and money

  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces

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SprayWash benefits in stables

  • The most simple system in the market
  • Will save you time each day
  • Easy and safe to work with
  • Effective against bacteria, virus and fungus
  • Makes daily cleaning easier
  • Using tablets – not liquids
  • Cleaning and disinfection tablets for all needs
  • Cleaning tablets with or without perfume
  • One complete concept for all needs
  • Automatic dispensing – no mixing
  • Works with normal water pressure
  • Better economy in many aspects
  • Lower shipping costs

SprayWash in 3 easy steps


Not sure what SprayWash is?





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Cleaning stables with SprayWash

SprayWash is a very simple system to use for daily cleaning of any horse facility no matter size. With SprayWash the daily cleaning in animal facility will become both easy and effective. SprayWash is a highly professional – yet low cost – system that will offer many benefits for any owner of a horse stable.

In most facilities you will experience the difference after only a few times of using SprayWash compared to what you do today. You will not only achieve great results – you will also save time and Money!

With SprayWash you can clean animal facilities in a very easy way as well as disinfect effectively to eliminate bacteria, virus and fungus. SprayWash is a complete concept with which you can clean – and keep – any animal facility clean and sanitized.

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What is SprayWash?

SprayWash is a very simple cleaning system for professional use. Inside the SprayWash you place 1 or 2 SprayWash tablets. We have different tablets for different needs. Connect to a water hose with normal water pressure.

When adding water via the hose the system will automatically mix and spray the right concentration out on the surface.

SprayWash can be used in any facility for any cleaning and disinfection need. SprayWash is produced in high quality and is designed for professional use.

All SprayWash tablets are developed, tested and approved for use only in the SprayWash system.

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Use these tablets in stables


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Tablet guidance

CleaningTab 1 – descaling
CleaningTab 9 – daily cleaning
ChlorTab Extra – chlorine disinfection and cleaning
DesTab – active oxygen disinfection and cleaning

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