• Revolutionary cleaning

  • No other system is this easy

  • Simple and effective

SprayWash is a new cleaning system for all professional cleaning and hygiene areas. It has never before been this easy, safe and effective to clean and disinfect!

You can use SprayWash on all surfaces and in any facility where you need cleaning, disinfection or odor control.


New feature!

  • Integrated dosing function

  • One system for all areas and customers

  • Works with cold and warm water

  • Improved foam nozzle

  • Two new foam filters for optimal active foam

How SprayWash works

  • Place tablet in SprayWash

  • Connect to water

  • Spray and clean

  • Job done!

  • The most simple system on the market
  • Saves working time – up to 50%
  • Very economical
  • Lower logistic cost remarkable
  • Worker safe
  • Automatic dispensing – no mixing
  • Fits all water connections
  • All you need is water and a hose
  • Works with normal water pressure

Tablets for any cleaning need

The SprayWash tablets are developed, tested and approved for professional cleaning. We offer tablets for different cleanings tasks and for multiple areas.

  • Unique tablets for cleaning and disinfection
  • Specially designed for use only in SprayWash
  • Cleaning tablets for lime scale, normal cleaning and heavy cleaning
  • Highly effective chlorine tablets for disinfection
  • New generation disinfection tablet based on active oxygen



Work safe with colors!

Developed to make the cleaning safer and easier we also offer all SprayWash tablets and tablet kits colour coded.

We have colour coded tablet containers and all the equipment for the tablets.