Using SprayWash will not only save you time and money when you clean. The “green aspect” is also an important fact.
SprayWash is environmental friendly in many aspects.

SprayWash uses less chemicals than traditional foam cleaners and you use less water when rinsing with water in the cleaning process. All SprayWash tablets are eco-friendly and developed with only the best active componets, good for both the worker and the environment.

Environmental facts

  • Uses less chemicals
  • Uses less water than foam systems
  • All tablets are environmental friendly
  • All tablets are biodegradable


Transporting SprayWash

The benefits of transporting SprayWash are many. You will not only save money on shipping costs. Shipping tablets is also better for the environment.

When using SprayWash tablets you only buy and transport “what you need”. No water is added – you have that already!

  • Concentrated tablets
  • No water – only “what you need”
  • Remarkable less shipping costs
  • 1 pallet = aprox 20 pallets liquid chemical
  • Less handling of products in/out
  • Less storage space for products
  • No heavy lifts – each tablet only weight 70 gr.

1 pallet SprayWash tablets = 20 pallets liquid chemicals